#ELLASCONDUCEN, campaña de Midas


A solidarity action to empower women through driving

Comunicación y reputación
Digital environment
Marketing y negocio
2018 - actualmente


Midas had detected in its business a differential value with respect to its competition: a target audience equally split between men and women.

Based on this insight and considering that the target of vehicle maintenance workshops is mostly men, an interesting marketing opportunity unveiled.


Position Midas as a company that sustainably takes care of each driver, debunking the myths that exist around women drivers.

The Strategy

We developed a comprehensive 360-degree campaign in collaboration with the DGT (Directorate-General of Traffic) and the NGO Ayuda en Acción to demonstrate with data that the myth of “Women can’t drive” has no scientific basis.

The solution

#EllasConducen, a solidarity action part of the Mujeres en Acción programme of the NGO Ayuda en Acción in which for every one thousand hashtags, Midas would pay for the driving licence of a woman in a vulnerable situation. 

This programme is still running and has helped already five women to start studying for their driving licence.


A campaign that has so far obtained more than 150 impacts in the media and has reached a potential audience of over 120 million users.

impacts in the media
Nillions of potential audience reach

"An action that makes you feel proud of dedicating yourself to the world of marketing and communication"

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