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Internal communication Plan on corporate values

Comunicación corporativa
Comunicación Interna
Asuntos públicos


Strengthen corporate culture and internal cohesion by building on the organisation’s corporate values


Internal communication Plan on corporate values

Leverage internal communication to project and make tangible the different corporate values among its teams and, at the same time, be perceived internally as an authentic employer brand.

Plan de Comunicación Interna sobre valores corporativos

The strategy

Modernisation, enrichment and expansion of the ecosystem of internal channels and support

Support in the development of content and the design and implementation of special initiatives that seek to make an impact on employees and encourage participation.

The solution

Creation of a new internal microsite:

  • New internal newslette.
  • Special events with employees on key dates.
  • Sending employees a physical kit on values and corporate behaviour.
  • Support via an implanted service when creating contents and executing actions.
  • Consultancy support when devising new special actions.

"Working on a common internal vision of the business project and on strengthening one's own culture through communication is key to retaining talent and promoting cohesion within organisations".

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