ESRI España: Estrategia de relacionamiento institucional
ESRI España

Bringing technology closer to the Public Administrations to help overcome the COVID-19 crisis

Institutional relational strategy to make ESRI's Geospatial Cloud available to the Public Administrations

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Asuntos públicos


As a consequence of the COVID-19 health crisis, ESRI made its technology available to all Public Administrations with the aim of helping decision-making in the transition process towards the new normality.

A couple of actions worth highlighting are the implementation of epidemiological surveillance systems that allow minimising this pandemic, as well as any that arise in the future, and the development of “territory digital twins” to help in the economic recovery.


ESRI España: Estrategia de relacionamiento institucional
  • Reach the central, regional and local administrations so as to provide them with our client’s technology, with the aim of implementing measures based on geospatial technology in order to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Establish a qualified relationship plan with the Public Administrations’ main stakeholders, building relationships with the most relevant institutional contacts.
  • Position the customer as one of the main dialogue partners in future measures and regulations on technology matters.

The strategy

A tailor-made relational plan

Identify the key people in the different public administrations in order to ensure the project’s success, validating them with the customer; and manage approaching these individuals in the central, regional and local administrations, as well as members of parliament, to offer ESRI’s technology.

The solution

As a result of the meetings held, our client achieved the goal of playing its part in solving the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Contact with nearly 60 individuals belonging to the different governing bodies of Public Administrations and holding 15 meetings with over 30 senior officials of all Public Administrations and members of parliament.

"The work carried out by Evercom to help us make our technology and services available to the Public Administrations in these trying times has exceeded all our expectations. We will continue relying on their services in the immediate future."

Pedro Torres

Director of Marketing at ESRI SPAIN

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