10th anniversary of commemorates its 10th anniversary with the book "España en 2030" (Spain in 2030)

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Bring visibility to Amazon’s 10th anniversary in Spain with a unique initiative that generates brand awareness on this key date


10th anniversary of

Generate notoriety and awareness of the brand through an action framed within the celebration of ten years of activity in Spain, impacting all the company’s stakeholders.

The strategy

We decided to bring together two of the protagonists in Amazon’s history in our country.

In July 1995, Professor Jesús Pérez became the first Spaniard to place an order on Amazon from Spain. He bought a book entitled “The World in 2020” by writer and globalisation expert Hamish McRae. Ten years after Amazon’s arrival in Spain, we decided to close the circle by creating a book featuring the two protagonists of the story. We sought to look back to the future and envision what Spain will be like in 2030, impacting the different stakeholders of the company on its tenth anniversary.


The solution

We selected leading Spanish experts in different disciplines to participate in the book, one for each of Amazon’s ten years in Spain, and asked them to address what the world will be like in ten years’ time.

  • The book “España en 2030” brought together the two protagonists of the story, Jesús Pérez and Hamish MacRae, who wrote the prologue and epilogue. The cover was designed by collage artist Pils Ferrer. The book was published in online format with free download through, so as to give all Spaniards access to this commemorative book.
  • As part of the project and in appreciation of the experts’ selfless collaboration, Amazon donated €30,000 to Ayuda en Acción’s reading promotion programmes.
  • In order to reach as many people as possible and bring visibility to the initiative, we presented the book through a virtual media streaming event.
  • We also produced a print run for a mailing to journalists and key opinion leaders. The book made it to the top of Amazon’s free downloads.


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"This project is the materialisation of a powerful idea that was born in our creative department and which Amazon fell in love with from the very first moment, because it highlighted a unique and unrepeatable story. The initiative was the icing on the cake of the company's tenth anniversary in Spain".

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