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Turning a technology firm into a fashion brand

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Motorola launched several handsets with striking, groundbreaking designs and a strong focus on color, the result of the brand’s long-term collaboration with leading color and design authority Pantone.


  • To increase brand recognition among young people, especially women
  • To turn Motorola into a contemporary and competitive brand, on a par with other more established players
  • To enhance the value of the new handsets, which stand out for their great design and high doses of color.

The strategy

We worked in collaboration with Vogue, the leading lifestyle publication in Spain, to highlight Motorola’s commitment to innovative handsets in which design plays a fundamental role and becomes a differentiating element, through designs and finishes that are not very common in the sector.

The solution

Motorola was a sponsor and exhibitor at Vogue Fashion Night Out, one of the leading fashion and lifestyle events in Spain, where fashion and design are celebrated in an event that mixes culture, entertainment and shopping in one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid.

evercom’s campaign design and development included several actions:

  • Motorola set up a design booth at VFNO that allowed all attendees to get close to the brand, learn about and try out the latest terminals. We worked in partnership with popular illustrator Be Fernandez, who created three exclusive illustrations inspired by the colors of Motorola’s latest handsets, turning the booth into a colorful gallery. Visitors could get reproductions of these illustrations to take away with them by uploading their photos to social media using the hashtag #MotorolaVFNO. To maximize visibility on social media, we also collaborated with three content creator profiles that streamed their visit to the Motorola booth at VFNO.
  • As part of the collaboration, Motorola was also present at Casa Vogue, the most exclusive space within VFNO where VIP guests and celebrities gather. The brand had several branded spaces, including an eye-catching photo opportunity space inside Casa Vogue where guests took pictures to share.


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"Through a partnership with Vogue, Spain's leading fashion and lifestyle publication, we brought Motorola to the mainstream thanks to a high-impact action that allowed us to create a point of contact between the brand and a young audience interested in fashion, as well as to introduce us to the field of creativity and design with an artist with great repercussion in the digital sphere."

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