B2C and corporate marketing and communication strategy for Beko in Spain and Portugal

Comunicación y reputación
Marketing y negocio


Faced with an increasingly competitive sector and with a clear goal of making the brand’s commitment towards its customers visible, Beko relied on Evercom to work on a comprehensive marketing and communication plan aimed at positioning the company, as well as defining and conquering a new brand territory.


Beko takes on Evercom as a strategic partner in marketing and communication to work together in this area, help it in its repositioning, associate the brand with its differential values and boost Beko’s reputation in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

  • Create a corporate story
  • Generate and diversify content that enables the brand to reach its different audiences in a segmented way
  • Project and enhance the reputation of the brand
  • Stakeholder relationship plan
  • Generate awareness
  • Influencers plan
  • Partnerships

The strategy

Evercom designed a new communication strategy in line with the brand’s two pillars and focused on quality, diversified, segmented and differential content and differential actions that enable the brand to boost its reputation.

The Solution

The project works on several levels, which cover the relationship with the media, the stakeholder relations plan, exploiting the dissemination of the brand’s partnerships, and searching for and managing new partnerships and actions aimed at consumers, among others.

All of this revolves around its two major categories “Eat like a Pro” and “Live like a pro” and around its brand messages and territories: healthy living, innovation and technology.


Impacts in the media in the first half of the year
New collaborations with NGOs and other organisations in Spain (Red Cross, Save the Children, Aladina Foundation and, Menudos Corazones Foundation) and Portugal (Portuguese National Institute of Medical Emergencies, Beatriz Ángelo Hospital and Santa María Hospital) as a consequence of the COVID-19 health crisis.

It is a great challenge to work together with a company like Beko in such an ambitious plan aimed at raising the brand's reputation, repositioning the company and creating stories of interest that help the brand connect with its different audiences: end consumer, distribution, media, influencers and stakeholders.

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