AEFI (Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech)

Distribution of information in the media about the Spanish financial Sandbox: advantages and opportunities for Spanish Fintech ecosystem

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Media strategy in collaboration with AEFI (Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech) with the aim of supporting the approval, implementation and development of the Spanish Sandbox, a controlled testing space for the launch of projects in the Fintech and Insurtech ecosystem, which will help lighten the bureaucratic burden in the sector, encourage innovation and competition, as well as provide legal certainty, both for companies and customers.


We worked hand in hand with AEFI, as the main promoter of this regulation in Spain, with an ambitious media strategy that included the following objectives:

  • Generate expectation amongst all the players in the Fintech and Insurtech ecosystem and awaken the interest of public administrations to the advantages of the ambitious Spanish Sandbox in terms of job creation and attraction of national and international talent.
  • Advise the need of its rapid approval to avoid projects leaving to other countries.
  • Help Spain consolidate its position as the pioneering focal point of the Fintech and Insurtech ecosystem.
  • Collaborate in the creation of a favourable environment for the development of this type of companies and projects in Spain.
  • Consolidate AEFI as a reference in regulatory matters and collaborator in the development of other regulations (PSD2, eiDAS …).
  • Transmit the positive values ​​of Fintech and Insurtech: democratisation of financial services, transparency, agility in processes, cost reduction…


180 impacts in financial media, written and online press, radio and TV.

Holding 2 press conferences, 4-5 meetings with leading organisations in the sector (associations, employers…) and 4-5 one-to-one encounters with journalists

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