Fundación Anar

The role of your life

Every day thousands of minors are forced to play the role of their lives



Own project


To publicise the work of the Anar Foundation, raise awareness of the importance of its work and attract donations.

The strategy

We discovered that thousands of minors in our country hide their problems for fear of mental health stigma.

To raise awareness of this reality, we made an analogy with the world of acting, saying that they all became actors and actresses in their own lives, acting so that no one would know what they were going through.

The solution

We created a fake casting in which we invited teenagers to play a role in an improvised way. We put them in the shoes of different minors who were going through a very difficult situation and asked them to interpret how these people would feel. After their performance, we told them that the role they had just played was based on real events. We recorded all the castings and turned them into a campaign video. We also created radio spots, street billboards and an ad hoc landing page to publicise all the cases.

Data obtained

Communication impacts
€ in total economic value
€ in total informative value

"We are excited to announce our commitment to such an important cause as the one managed by ANAR Foundation. The launch of our first pro bono campaign makes us feel that together we can make a positive impact and make a significant difference in the reality of many people.".

Gaspare Mesina

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