Aramón Montañas de Aragón

I'm Aramon, you're Aramon

Comunicación Interna


Build a common culture around the business project among all employees


I’m Aramon, you’re Aramon

Generate a new external and internal brand story, build and consolidate a common corporate culture, generate cohesion and a sense of belonging and encourage the emergence of new internal brand ambassadors who contribute to reinforcing Aramón’s reputation.

Soy Aramón, eres Aramón

The strategy

Generate a new brand universe from the purely visual to the internal story itself

Convey to all the workers that, with the birth of Aramón, they have become part of a new tourism, sports and economic project that is even more solid, more attractive and with greater projection towards the future.

The solution

Development of a new Aramón brand platform:

  • Preparation of welcome kit for new employees
  • Creation of internal online channels for corporate content and commercial developments.
  • Rebranding: offices, internal corporate work materials, professional uniforms, etc.

"The ideal way to achieve cohesion in organizations is to have a common vision of the business project. This will retain talent, strengthen the company's own culture and lead to success"

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