Apodemia: construcción de una marca de joyerías

Building the Apodemia Brand

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Building the Apodemia Brand

  • Building the Apodemia brand.
  • Turn a Madrid start-up into a benchmark jewellery brand throughout Spain.
  • Position the Apodemia brand at the top while accounting for the massive competition in the jewellery sector.

The estrategy

For 5 years, we worked on a strategy with two lines of action: corporate and product communications.

The solution

  • Create a corporate storytelling strategy and develop key messages. We also built a brand manifesto and claim.
  • Design a strategy as well as communication plans for ongoing branding.
  • Communicate corporate milestones at the business level, position the company in economic and generalist media through interviews with the two founders, and appearances in opinion forums and other forums and events in the jewellery, retail and e-commerce sectors.
  • Create a CSR strategy for the brand, working on concrete actions and building its positioning around its commitment to society.
  • On the product side, we created a communications strategy to bring visibility to their collections, positioning their jewellery in the country’s main fashion publishers, managing product loans for fashion shoots and organising themed presentation events with journalists and lifestyle influencers.


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of impacts with product or corporate image
journalist in attendance at launch events organised

"It has been exciting to see how Apodemia has transformed and evolved hand in hand with Evercom on this journey of more than four years, going from being a small jewellery brand to a benchmark brand in the lifestyle sector that journalists, influencers and consumers love."

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